Technical specifications for Expression Swing and swing frame mounting.




Model 5128 – attaches to a 8.9cm diameter overhead supporting “top rail” frame positioned at a height of 244cm above safety surfacing.
Model 5145 – attaches to a 12.7cm diameter overhead supporting “top rail” frame positioned at a height of 244cm above safety surfacing.
Note: existing swing structures must be capable of supporting 136kg in motion. Only one Expression Swing should be installed per swing bay. Single Models 5128 and 5145 Expression Swings ship in a cardboard carton 63.5cm wide x 63.5cm high x 124.5cm long and weigh 37.65kg. Field assembly of Expression Swing components is required.









Model 5128 Expression Swing may be purchased with a companion Model 5147 Xscape Solo Swing Supporting Frame. We recommend the Solo Swing structure be installed an area 9.75m long x 6.07m wide.

Additional Expression Swings may be attached to the Xscape Solo Swing Frame by utilizing our Model 5148 Solo Add-A-Bay Swing Frame which increases the length of the area required by 2.36m. Since Solo Swing Frames must be assembled and installed in concrete footings, we suggest the work be done by experienced contractors.

A Model 5147 supporting frame ships in a crate 1.19m wide x .89m high x 3.73m long and weighs 215.5kg.



The Expression Swing adult seat is black, the tot seat is very dark green, and the hardware and connectors are cast aluminum (silver). The swing seat frame and optional Xscape Solo supporting frame are available in any of the GameTime powdercoat paint options as shown in the products page.


The Expression Swing frame is an all welded assembly fabricated of 33.4mm O.D. x 2.1mm wall galvanized pipe, 26.1mm O.D. x 1.8mm wall galvanized pipe, and 6.4mm Hot Rolled Mounting. The Expression Swing frame assembly is finished after fabrication with a custom formula of TGIC polyester powder coating.

The frame contains press-in bronze bushings. The tot swing seat is fully enclosed and fabricated with .635mm thick stainless steel inserts covered by a dark green colored EPDM rubber.

Adult swing seat is 127mm wide x 533mm long x 26.9mm thick. The seat outer covering is 58-62 durometer EPDM Rubber which covers a 6005-T5 aluminum inner support (ASTM B221).

The front and back edges are 12.7mm thick with molded air cells to provide impact cushioning. The seat exceeds ASTM F-1487-93 structural integrity requirements as stated in Section

Supporting chain is of stainless steel 5.6mm diameter wire with each link having an inside dimension of 9.5mm wide x 34.9mm long for 4/0 welded link coil chain.

The swing connection castings are of 356 die cast aluminum alloy. The galvanized connection clevis is 7.9mm diameter with tamper resistant head. The swing hanger consists of a hinged casting and swing pendulum that fits around a two piece nylon bushing.

Hinged casting incorporates a factory installed bronze bushing. The pendulum is attached to the hinged casting with a 9.5mm x 44.4mm button head bolt. The two piece nylon bushing is attached to the overhead supporting top rail with 6.4mm x 25.4 self driving screws.

All nuts, bolts, screws, inserts, and lockwashers used in the assembly of the swing and swing supporting structure are stainless steel, yellow dichromate plated steel, blue-coat plated steel, mechanically galvanized or powder coated/yellow dichromate plated steel. All primary fasteners are of 300 series stainless steel. Fasteners with yellow dichromate treatment have an electro deposited, 99.9% pure zinc substrate applied from a specially formulated solution sealed with a yellow dichromate top coat designed to work in conjunction with the zinc plating.

Yellow dichromate has a 320 % longer life to white corrosion and 275% longer to red corrosion than does hot-dip galvanizing.


The Expression Swing is such an innovative response to a common playground need, there is currently no product standard specific to it’s design. However, it passes the tests associated with the closest standards available – specifically, those related to a combination swing and a full bucket seat swing.

It has been rigorously tested by TUV North America and surpasses the requirements of the applicable suspended element impact attenuation tests outlined by European Standard EN 1176, American Standard ASTM F1487-11 and Canadian Standard CSA Z614-14.

The Expression Swing design addresses the requirements of the American Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Playground Equipment for Public Use ASTM F1487-11, Section 8.6.7 Suspended element impact attenuation test; Section Use zones differentiated for seat types; Section One multiple occupancy suspended element per swing bay; and Section Combination Swings – Use Zones related to dynamic motion of suspended elements. We recommend customers follow ASTM recommendation F1487-11 and install a single Expression Swing per swing bay.

As Australia has adopted the EN- 1176 standards as of 2014. We deem this component as being compliant with the current Australian standard AS 4685.2.2014 including APPENDIX ZZ Variationsto EN 1176-2 2008 For Australia.